Business WiFi Solutions

Upgrade or update your wireless network with business WiFi solutions from Venture Pointe. With the latest equipment and technology and award-winning customer service, Venture Pointe provides  WiFi network solutions that will boost employees’ productivity and customers’ satisfaction. Call (904) 351-8101 to upgrade your business WiFi today!

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Who Needs Business WiFi Solutions?


Whether your focus is on merchandise sales or employee productivity, any business can benefit by replacing unreliable, slow wireless networks with business WiFi solutions from Venture Pointe. Employees can improve productivity with mobile access to information and services; business owners can save money on infrastructure (wired networks can be expensive); consumers can have a better experience in your office, store, restaurant or hotel. With Venture Pointe as your WiFi service provider, you always will have a reliable, fast network. And you never have to worry about WiFi security. Call today to update or replace your wireless network.

Why Your Employees Need Company WiFi

Mobility: With fast company WiFi connections, employees are no longer stuck at their desks. They can be productive in their offices, in conference rooms or anywhere else. Whether employees need to gather for a staff meeting or to share a proposal with a customer, they don’t have to huddle around one desk with an internet connection.

Collaboration: The best corporate WiFi solutions encourage employees to collaborate. They can meet anywhere in the office and still have access to important documents and information with the added benefit of email and instant messaging.

Growth: Business WiFi solutions make growth easier. Adding new employees or reorganizing the office is no longer limited by internet cable, which can be expensive to purchase and maintain.

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Why Your Business Needs Dependable WiFi


Any business that relies on customer satisfaction and spending can benefit from offering free WiFi. Small business WiFi solutions can help the smallest, locally owned businesses draw and retain customers. Some of these businesses include:


Hotels      Restaurants      Financial firms      Medical & law practices      Auto-repair shops      Retail stores


Reduce frustration: When customers have to wait for services, such as at the auto repair shop or the doctor’s office, they can become frustrated. Provide your clients with free WiFi, and they can find entertainment – or work remotely – on their mobile devices.

Increase spending: Many studies have shown that patrons at bars and restaurants stay longer – and spend more money – when they have access to WiFi. Small business WiFi solutions from Venture Pointe are perfect for local bar and restaurant owners!

Make more sales: Shoppers often use mobile devices to check or compare prices and research merchandise while they are in the store. People who enjoy a good shopping experience are more likely to make purchases, which is good for your business.

Hotel WiFi keeps guests happy: Quality hotel WiFi allows guests to work in their rooms. Business guests can find information and participate in video calls from the comfort of their rooms. With hotel WiFi, guests can stay entertained and connected with access to online gaming and shopping, social media and email.

Collect data: By offering your customers or patrons free WiFi, you can collect data on shopping habits, repeat customers and more that will help you tailor your goods and services to their needs.

Replace or Update Your WiFi Today


The same business WiFi solutions that worked 10 years ago do not meet the needs of today’s consumers. Replace or update your old, slow, unreliable network today. Today’s employees and consumers require the advantages that good enterprise WiFi offers. Even the best consumer-level WiFi networks cannot compete with the speed, reliability, bandwidth, and security of enterprise WiFi from Venture Pointe. With an updated WiFi network from Venture Pointe, you will never have to worry about WiFi security. We use the latest equipment and technology to make sure your information and data are secure. Just because people have access to your internet doesn’t mean they should have access to your data.


Venture Pointe has Your Business WiFi Solutions


Whether you need hotel WiFi, small business WiFi solutions or corporate WiFi solutions, Venture Pointe is the only WiFi service provider you need to call. Contact us today to find out about enterprise WiFi that is affordable, reliable, fast and secure. Your employees and your customers will thank you! Call (904) 351-8101 to update or replace your company WiFi today.


Update your old wireless network with reliable, fast and secure business WiFi solutions from Venture Pointe.