Part of being a valuable IT Partner is to provide IT resources when they are needed. Here at Venture Pointe, we wish to share our expertise with you so that you continue to see how much value we can bring to your business and that we truly value our partnership.

3CX Training

Dowloand this presentation by Venture Pointe on 3CX Training.

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Corporate Cellular Services Transfer Process

Download this helpful PDF to transfer your corporate cellular services to another carrier.

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How to Download Email on your Android Device

Having trouble getting your email set up on your Android device? Follow the step by step instructions in this video to easily add any email account to your device.

Adding Email to Your iOS Device

Watch our tutorial video on how to setup email on your iOS device.

How to Pin to Task Bar

Watch our tutorial video on how to pin Outlook to your task bar.

Bracket Encrypted Email

Most encryption solutions rely on downloading and installing numerous apps and plugins depending on where you’re sending from, but Bracket takes a different approach. To send an encrypted email with Bracket, just wrap the subject in brackets and send it on its way.

Fast sign in without sacrificing security

  • Securely sign in without a password
  • Expiring, one-time-use links
  • Geolocation of sign in requests
  • Advanced device fingerprinting

Jim Satterwhite, CEO

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What is Phishing?

It’s an attempt to get sensitive information from you such as passwords, usernames, or personal information.

If you’re wondering if email or an email attachment is really a surprise UPS package or your favorite cookie recipe from your mom, Venture Pointe is ready and able to more than adequately protect your network and your data environments, even help install fail-safe processes and oversight to protect against all types of hacks and attacks.

Jim Satterwhite, CEO

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Password Security Management

Businesses Need a Password Security Benchmark

Passwords have long been a challenge to cybersecurity in the workplace, and attacks continue to grow in number and complexity every year. In this report, we’re not only revealing true password behaviors in the workplace but creating a benchmark that businesses can use to measure progress when investing in password security. By showing averages for companies big and small, we aim to help IT professionals understand where they rank and how to improve their company’s password security.
Jim Satterwhite, CEO

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National Cyber Security Awareness


All businesses are at risk for cyber- attacks! Most cyber-criminals are indiscriminate and target vulnerable computer systems regardless of whether the systems are a small business or part of a Fortune 500 company.  As business owners, we all have valuable information cyber offenders can obtain such as customer and employee records, business finances, bank account information, access to larger networks, and much more.
Jim Satterwhite, CEO

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Comparing Venture Pointe with Other IT Providers

Choosing the right IT management provider for your business is essential to your success, and we know that you must see the value in the services provided. Does your IT provider meet the top 10 criteria that is important to your business?  We welcome you to compare our services to your current IT provider and offer this easy-to-use downloadable checklist.
Jim Satterwhite, CEO

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National Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber attacks target vulnerable computer systems regardless whether you’re a small business owner or part of a Fortune 500 company. Venture Pointe, Inc., a Managed IT Provider, offers Offsite Cloud Backup Services which is the BEST way to protect your business assets. Keep your business safe from cyber attacks by downloading Cyber Security Tips and sign up for our Limited Time Offer!
Nick Revels, Director of Managed Services

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Venture Pointe’s Ransomware Survival Guide

The best strategy in preventing extortion from Ransomware is Security. Choosing the right IT management provider will provide advanced security solutions that can detect ransomware before it’s delivered to your network.  Download the Survival Checklist to learn more about how Venture Pointe’s Pro-Pointe Managed Service offerings can help keep your business protected from Ransomware. Nick Revels, Director of Managed Services

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It’s Hurricane and Severe Weather Season

Venture Pointe, an IT management provider, can prepare your business for stormy weather.  We monitor and maintain business IT systems on a regular basis to ensure your technology needs run securely and effectively.  From network monitoring support to cloud hosting, contact us to see how we can become your true technology partner today.
Nick Revels, Director of Managed Services

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