Spam Filtering & Virus Protection for Your Email

Not only does Venture Pointe offer professional Microsoft Exchange email hosting, but we also provide spam filtering and virus protection to keep your business’ email safe. We utilize the latest software from industry-leading names like AVG, MailProtector, and GFI.

Virus Protection Jacksonville FL Venture Pointe

The Importance of Spam Filtering

Spam emails are the digital equivalence of telemarketing calls. They are unwanted, unsolicited and an annoyance. Without a strong spam filter in place, an employee’s inbox can quickly become overwhelmed. Spam emails can also become a rabbit hole where productivity is lost as distracted employees work to clear their email. In addition to robbing productivity, these emails can also pose a security risk if an employee opens, replies to or opens an attachment in a cleverly-disguised email. From phishing for personal or company information and unleashing viruses to wreak havoc on your company network and servers to loss in productivity, spam emails hurt business. That is why Venture Point offers spam filtering products from some of today’s most recognized brands in email security. Call 904-351-8101 now to find out how we can protect your business.

Up-to-Date Virus Protection

Have updated virus protection on your computers is critical in today’s internet-driven marketplace. Once unleashed, a computer virus can slow down your network, delete important files, destroy your hardware and infect your entire network resulting in thousands of dollars in repair, network downtime and loss of productivity. In addition to harmful malware, spyware can be unknowingly installed on your computers resulting in loss of security and personal information. However, with the right antivirus software, your computer and your network will be protected from even the most malicious of attacks. With the virus protection offered by Venture Pointe, you never have to worry about software updates, virus definition updates or backups. We do it for you! Protect your business now by calling 904-351-8101!

Virus Protection Jacksonville FL Venture Pointe

Protect your assets with spam filtering and virus protection from Venture Pointe. Call 904-351-8101 to get started!