About Our IT Service Company

Venture Pointe is a local IT service company located in Jacksonville FL that provides IT solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our leadership has over 50 years of combined experience in the Information Technology industry. We are staffed with technical experts who are trained to handle all levels of your technology needs. By staffing the most qualified people possible and maintaining a stringent in-house training program, our team has seen and fixed nearly every IT problem that can arise. Each member of our support team is dedicated to providing the best in customer service and represents themselves professionally in both their appearance and in the way they approach each individual customer.


Our Leadership Team

Jim M Satterwhite

Jim M Satterwhite

President & CEO

Jim Satterwhite has been a successful senior executive for almost three decades. Beginning his career in the loan servicing industry, then moving into executive leadership roles within the technology industry.

His expertise includes operational oversight of both small/mid-size organizations as well as very large operational environments.. He is known as a multifaceted leader who combines strong business acumen with excellent relationship building skills to drive profitable growth in service-based organizations

Jim’s loan servicing career included Senior Executive positions responsible for default operations in charge of all aspects of the default for a top five mortgage loan servicer as well as the largest loan sub-servicer in the country.

Having worked on both the service provider side as well as the institutional side of operations, he has a keen introspect on making businesses profitable and developing staff to their potential.

Jim has been with Venture Pointe since its basic inception and has actively participated in the rapid growth and financial soundness of the organization.

Jim enjoys public speaking, active involvement at the Trustee Level for the Jacksonville Chamber and networking through multiple business affiliate groups and programs. He also participates in industry think tanks, projects for social and ethical advancement, not for profits and advisory positions.

Having grown up in North Carolina, attended school in Texas and now living in Florida for the better part of twenty years he and his family enjoy as much leisure time as work will allow.

Nick D Revels

Nick D Revels

Chief Operating Officer

Nick is an experienced IT Professional with over 10 years’ experience in Network Administration & Security. Over the past 10+ years, Nick has received multiple industry leading certifications in relation to Network Administration, Security, Software Development, Education and Quality Control.

In addition, Nick has served in senior roles for national level software and consumer-facing service organizations. In December of 2012 Nick Co-Founded Venture Pointe, Inc., a Managed IT Service Provider in Jacksonville, FL.

Nick’s role as Chief Operating Officer at Venture Pointe he has excelled in Business Development and Client Relations via his relentless passion and dedication to delivering the highest quality of product offerings, services, and support.


Originally from Ocala, FL, Nick moved to Jacksonville, FL to pursue a career in Information Technology in 2007. Nick is very well known as a “workaholic” however when he is not working enjoys spending time outdoors with his family and creating experiences with his spouse, and their two little girls. In addition to spending time with his family, Nick also enjoys his free time by continuously learning about new technologies and experimenting with customized technology solutions for both businesses and consumers.

Joshua Lee

Joshua Lee

Chief Information Officer

Joshua Lee, is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Chief Information Officer at Venture Pointe. With an impressive track record spanning over 25 years in the information technology industry, Joshua brings a wealth of expertise and a proactive mindset to his multifaceted role. His responsibilities encompass overseeing networking, architectures, software, and information security, all while striving to introduce innovative technologies that elevate the customer experience. Collaborating with a diverse range of clients, Joshua provides technical support, contributes to product concept development, and manages vendor relations.


Beyond his professional achievements, Joshua cherishes his loving family. He shares his life with his devoted spouse, Sarah, and their six wonderful children, each with their own unique personalities, talents, and aspirations. Together, they create a vibrant and harmonious household, fostering a strong sense of unity and support. While Joshua is deeply committed to his work, he prioritizes quality time with his family. They engage in a variety of activities, from exploring nature and embarking on exciting adventures to nurturing shared interests. Whether it’s an educational pursuit or a fun-filled outing, Joshua seizes every opportunity to forge lasting memories and strengthen the bonds within his family.


The strong foundation of Joshua’s family serves as a pillar of support, enabling him to navigate the demands of his professional life with a sense of balance and fulfillment. By fostering a harmonious and loving home environment, Joshua brings the values of unity, compassion, and joy into both his personal and professional spheres, amplifying his ability to make a positive impact in all aspects of his life.


As Joshua looks to the future, he remains steadfast in his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies, fostering strong relationships, and creating meaningful experiences for customers and loved ones alike. With his family by his side, he embraces new challenges, eagerly embracing opportunities to learn, grow, and leave a lasting legacy of harmony, compassion, and success.

Our IT service company works closely with our clients to analyze your network and business structure so that we can create a custom-fit, vendor-agnostic solution that will meet all your security & connectivity requirements. In fact, in recent surveys, most of our customers agree that Venture Pointe not only understands their needs but also feels that we are capable of growing with them as an organization. Find out how your business can benefit from the IT solutions offered by Venture Pointe with our IT technology consulting and assessment service today!

The Mission of Our IT Service Company


Venture Pointe’s mission is to provide our clients with a truly worry-free IT environment by delivering the highest level of service and support while ensuring continuous improvement and standardization. To achieve this goal our IT management team works relentlessly to ensure our clients’ business continuity is unaffected by IT-related down times.  By proactively monitoring our clients’ networks and systems, we are able to analyze the performance, health and reliability of their systems in real time, allowing us to take the preemptive measures necessary to keep your technology running optimally at all times. We even offer a highly specialized staff augmentation program that can help ensure your business continuity by increasing your number of specially trained, technically skilled employees. A recent satisfaction survey proves that our dedication to our mission is working as 100% of our clients are more than satisfied with our services, feel that we understand their needs as a business, feel that we are capable of helping their business grow and would recommend our managed IT services to a colleague or friend. Here at Venture Pointe, we believe in honoring that loyalty and offer $500 for IT referrals; send us your referral today!

Awards & Accolades

MSP 501 - 2021 Award
Torch Awards for Ethics
MSP 501 - 20218 Award
Talkin' Cloud 100 Award
MSP 501 - 2016 Award
Clarity TSP Index Award
JBL Fast 50 List
2020 JAX Chamber Health Council Small Business Leader of the Year

Industry Specialties

Venture Pointe services businesses of all sizes in the Jacksonville FL area, including:

Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Home Improvement

AI & Data Management

Auto, Boating & More

Commercial & Residential Construction




Utility Providers

Marketing & Events

Finance & Banking


& Machinery




Non Profit Organizations


& Training

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