Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Even today’s smallest businesses are taking advantage of cloud hosting. Cloud hosting services are affordable, easy and secure; backing up to the cloud saves you time and money. By using cloud storage services and other IT solutions from Venture Pointe, your information is backed up to the cloud, which means your operating data – and data about your clients – is stored on secure offsite serves. If your office experiences a disaster such as hard drive crashes, a computer virus or total loss from a fire, flood or natural disaster, you will never lose your data. Cloud computing gives you the peace of mind that your data always will be there.

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Our Managed Cloud Hosting Services


When you switch to Venture Pointe for cloud management of your important information, you will never have to worry about losing data. If you lose data onsite, you access your cloud files anytime, from anywhere. Make the switch to Venture Pointe today for:


Daily backup and reporting

Daily monitoring and maintenance of backup status

24-hour data recovery

Off-site storage in Tier  4, SSAE 16 audited data center

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting – often called cloud computing – is the method in which your data is secured and accessed. By storing data in the cloud, you are backing up your files to a network of servers instead of hard drives and computers in your office. If everything is stored at your facility, and a fire destroys the building, you have lost everything. By using cloud hosting from Venture Pointe, however, you will be able to access any files at any time and from anywhere there is an internet connection, regardless of your site’s condition. Make the switch to Venture Pointe today!

managed cloud hosting services jacksonville fl venture pointe

Your Business can Benefit from Cloud Hosting


Business owners – and firms that need to keep large amounts of data – are discovering that there are many advantages to cloud computing. It can save you time and money and provide flexibility and security.


AFFORDABILITY: When you store data and files in the cloud, you do not have to purchase expensive storage devices and servers. You don’t have to purchase software and pay people to maintain the servers and software. You do not have to invest in the latest technology or pay overhead for server rooms. You simply pay for the storage capacity you need, and Venture Pointe does the rest!


COMPETITIVENESS: Cloud hosting services give even small businesses access to big-business technology. Cloud storage and cloud business applications give small businesses access to technology and services big corporations use.


FLEXIBILITY: If your needs increase, you can increase your cloud capacity in seconds. Alternately, downsizing and scaling down is just as easy.


AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES: Servers are off-site, so cloud hosting relieves you of the need to keep servers updated. Venture Pointe does that for you.


SECURITY: Lost laptops, virus-infected servers, hard drive crashes and property destruction can lead to a loss of important – often proprietary – information. With cloud hosting, you can access what you need at any time, no matter what happens to your machines.


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